Affective Response Database

Welcome to the Affective Response Research Database. This database includes a list of all articles related to affective response for the years 1990-2009, as published in three eminent journals: Journal of Research in Music Education, Psychology of Music, and Music Perception. This project is currently led by ASIRG Chair and Chair-Elect, Frank Diaz and Jason Silveira, and is provided as a service to the membership and other parties interested in affective response.

A full bibliometric and trend analysis of the articles included in this database will appear in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Research in Music Education. The article is titled, “Music and Affective Phenomena: A 20-year content and bibliometric analysis of research in three eminent journals”. The authors hope that the database will be updated every few years, providing an on-going resource for our membership.

To avoid unintended edits, the information on the on-line version of the database cannot be sorted or changed. However, you may download the database to your own computer and enable these functions.

Affective Response Research Database

Affective Response Research Database Coding

Affective Response Research Database Coding II


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